Welcome to the NYC Video Podcast.

This show will help local NYC filmmakers understand what other filmmakers are going through in their video production careers. Each week, we'll interview different filmmakers and talk to them about how they got started in the industry, what brought them to NYC, and get their advice on the do's & don'ts of working in NYC. This city has a lot to offer filmmakers and this podcast will hopefully teach you a thing or two about how to flourish in this fast-paced industry.




Tom Chaves is an NYC-based gaffer and founder of Mastershot Films, a company supplying G&E services to productions in New York.

Tom holds a B. A. in film production from CUNY Brooklyn College and has been working in video production for 10+ years on commercials, documentaries, and corporate videos.

Tom is passionate about providing career tips to young filmmakers and having his guests share their experiences with the rest of the production community.

If you'd like to contact Tom, please shoot him an email



Jonathan is a podcast producer and content creator that has worked on six different podcasts as an editor, producer, host, and researcher. He has worked at the Marvelists, Blue Earth, and several of his own shows over the years 

Jon has a B.S. in Digital Media Production and a minor in Journalism from SUNY New Paltz, and worked in the local music and film scene for 3 years as a director, writer, and producer. 

Jon is the backend of our show. He edits the episodes, handles social media posts, and deals with guest bookings and ad sales. 

If you'd like to contact Jon, please shoot him an email