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The NYC Video Podcast

Please follow the steps below to register as a guest on the show

Girl with a Camera

Self Portrait Instructions

Watch this to understand how to take a good selfie

We want our guests to look their best when they appear on the thumbnail of our NYC Video Podcast. For guests that don’t have a professional headshot/portrait to share with us, here are some instructions on how to take a high-quality self portrait-

Anchor 1

1. Hold the phone up to a window during the day. Wait until the sunlight is not hitting your            window directly- indirect sunlight is the best light!

Selfy Example - Hold Phone in front of W

2. Stand 1-3’ away from the window, facing outside.


3. Raise the camera lens to eye-level (or slightly higher). You can remove eye-glasses to avoid                  unwanted glare/reflections


4. While taking the photo, look at the lens and not at your image on the screen.


5. Make sure to leave ample negative space around your head. This will give         us options when placing our copy onto the episode icon

Once we receive your portrait, we will brand it for the podcast similar to the below image:
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